We provide optimal logistics solutions with a full lineup of automotive logistics services,
from plant start-up, equipment transportation,
and parts procurement to finished vehicle and after-sales service logistics.

Coordination of Automobile-related Transport(CBU, KD, Service Parts, Equipment, High&Heavy)

We can propose transportation plans customized to client needs
in car transportation services and execute them by Ro-Ro vessels, car carriers, carrier cars, and several other modes of transportation.

By taking advantage of our long-term experience, our knowledge
of the car industry, our network of domestic and international agents, and our ability to negotiate freight rates, we are able to provide optimal transportation services from loading and lashing
to final delivery.


LLP Service / Concierge Service

We are the LLP (lead logistics provider) that analyzes the logistics situation of clients and provides a full range of services
from planning to execution of supply chain management strategies. 

We provide solutions to meet client needs through a wide range
of approaches, including methods that utilize advanced technologies such as inventory management systems
that use AI-based demand forecasting.


Mobility Business Related Service

Our automobile transportation service is responsible
for the creation of new businesses in line with changes in the social and technological environment, which are called CASE, especially with the keywords "EV" and "EX". We support mobility-related businesses suitable for the new era together with our customers from the aspect of logistics.


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